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We use freelance consultants to add capacity and expertise to our diverse range of programmes. Chek out our opportunities and come and work with us.

Current opportunities

Resource description writers needed for secondary physics resources

Recently in the Resources team we have acquired many digital secondary physics resources to add to STEM Learning's Resource collection and we are looking for teachers/facilitators of secondary physics to write a short description for each of the resources - normally in the region of 50 to 200 words - summarising the content and offering suggestions on how the resource can be used. 

In addition to writing the description, other tasks would include:

Currently there are about 3 days worth of work for completion available by the end of June, but we receive resources all the time so the work could be on going for those who are interested. It is ideal work to fit in around other commitments. Writers would be given training and guidelines on how to complete the work.

If you are interested or would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail please get in touch with Liz Hooper: e.hooper@stem.org.uk.