Primary Design and Technology resources

Our primary D&T resource packages provide a useful starting point for teachers in planning and delivering D&T lessons or in supplementing a teacher’s own planning. They are divided into the main National Curriculum areas of knowledge and include ideas on how to design, make and evaluate a range of products and develop skills used in D&T.

  • Mechanical systems

    These resources support teaching about mechanical systems including types of mechanical system, how they work and more.

    KS1   KS2

  • Structures

    These resources support the Design, Make and Evaluate process through the topic of structures. 

    KS1  KS2

  • Cooking and nutrition

    These resources support the Design, Make and Evaluate process through the topic area of food preparation and cooking.

    KS1  KS2

  • Textiles

    These resources support learning about textiles including hands-on, creative projects and the tools and equipment required. 

    KS1  KS2
  • Electrical systems

    These resources provide opportunities to explore electrical systems, the materials they are made from and how they work.


  • Programming, monitoring and control

    These resources provide opportunities for using and demonstrating programming and control systems in your D&T lessons.


Primary engineering resources

We also have a curated collection of primary engineering resources.