STEM Clubs

STEM Clubs are out-of-timetable sessions that enrich and broaden the curriculum, giving young people the chance to explore subjects like science, technology, engineering and maths in less formal settings.

Clubs are an important outlet to ignite new interest and to raise attainment in STEM subjects through more imaginative and inventive teaching methods. For more information about our programme of support, please email

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We want to learn more about how STEM Clubs are running in UK schools, so that we can continue to best support their needs. If you or your school runs a STEM Club, please help us by completing our short survey. As a thank you, you could win Rapid kit for your club worth £100!

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  • STEM Club Activities

    Browse a range of activities to support you and your school in delivering exciting and inspiring STEM-related sessions.

  • STEM Clubs Handbooks, Webinars and Videos

    Find guidance on how to set up and run a successful STEM Club and hear from established club leaders.

  • STEM Clubs CPD

    Discover workshops and online courses designed to guide and inspire existing or aspiring STEM Clubs leaders.

  • STEM Enrichment Partnerships
    Find your local STEM Enrichment Partnership - a network of local support for secondary schools in England.

  • STEM Club Impact and Recognition​

    Assess the impact of your club, apply for our STEM Club Quality Mark and Outstanding STEM Club Award, download certificates for your club members, and read our STEM Club case studies.

  • National STEM Club

    Schools and families can engage in practical STEM activities that support curricular learning in a club environment.

  • STEM Ambassadors in your STEM Club

    Find out how our network of STEM professionals can support your club.

  • STEM Clubs Partners

    From competitions to funding opportunities, discover new ways of inspiring the young people you work with.

  • STEM Clubs Community​

    Connect with other STEM Club leaders in our online STEM Community.

  • STEM Clubs Week​

    Find out more about our annual celebration of STEM Clubs across the country.

Latest STEM Clubs news

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    The initiative will see up to 20 STEM summer camps take place in selected schools during summer...

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